Our Story

Back in April 2004, a dynamic duo named Tom Brush and Felipe Herrera came together to establish Felipe's Taqueria. Nestled in Harvard Square, they embarked on a mission to satiate the appetites of eager customers with mouthwatering Mexican cuisine. At the heart of Felipe's philosophy lies a simple yet powerful belief: good food starts with fresh ingredients and stays true to authentic recipes.

Since its inception, Felipe's Taqueria has been a haven for those seeking the vibrant flavors and genuine taste of Mexico. Tom and Felipe, driven by their passion for culinary excellence, have tirelessly worked to create a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

At Felipe's, expect nothing but the freshest ingredients meticulously prepared to deliver the authentic essence of Mexican cuisine. From the very first bite, you'll be transported to the streets of Mexico, savoring the rich heritage and bold flavors that make this fare so beloved.